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Bingo Rimér’s Launch Party

Bingo Rimér’s Launch Party

We have been fortunate enough to work on some fun and exciting projects this year! One of the highlights is definitely Bingo Rimér’s launch party for his latest documentary, ”En flickfotografs bekännelser”.

This chic and sophistocated pop-up creation was a true testament to ”our canvas bell tents and lounges can be setup anywhere” statement!
This time we were in the courtyard of an apartment building. Minimal space and lots of concrete. Luckily there were flower beds and small cracks between the concrete paving so that we were able to place the pegs in the ground.

We created a cosy lounge experience in the canvas bell tent by adding two chaise longue’s over and above the rugs, cushions, poufs, side tables and other decor touches that were provided. We placed a lounge pocket just outside the tent (perfect for that ever important Instagram shot) as well as a few metres away. This setup provided some distance between social groups to ensure a safe and corona-friendly environment and definitely contributed to relaxed and cosy atmosphere on a chilly Autumn evening in Stockholm.

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