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Tills Solen Går Upp – Film Shoot

Tills Solen Går Upp – Film Shoot

Another highlight from our first year has to be our involvement in the set design for a scene in the Peter Dalle film, ”Tills Solen Går Upp”. With travel restrictions in place due to the pandemic, the film company had to find other location alternatives within Sweden in which to complete the shooting of the film.

This particular scene was meant to be shot somehwere in the desert. Enter – Tylösand beach. It has sand, dunes and on this particular day that we shot, ”desert like sand storm winds” – a perfect location to mirror a desert scene! We had the canvas bell tent, Tylösand had the sand…all that we needed was authentic Moroccan decor and camels to complete the look.

Jeandre, the co-owner of Nordic Pop-Ups joined the film’s art department and assisted them with sourcing items and the set design on the day of the shoot. What an experience it was. We can definitely get used to our involvement in the film industry!

Our canvas bell tent and luxury glamper range is a serendipitous match made in heaven for the film industry for both in front of and behind the camera. Our tents are a blank canvas and provide a playground for the imagination, providing the possibility to create beautiful spaces inspired by faraway spaces. With endless styling possibilities we can help bring to life the look and feel required for a specific scene.

Our Eco Stretch Houses provide luxury accommodation for talent and crew on location. Their fast assemblage time means that they can pop-up as an instant solution for a base camp and provide a comfy and luxurious alternative to trailers. The perfect backdrop for many a film shoot!