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Outdoor Conferences & Kickoffs

Outdoor Conferences & Kickoffs

Taking your work outdoors and into the fresh, open air is benefical on both a physical and emotional level. Employees are happier and healthier beings when they let mother nature in to their working day. Stress relief, a vitamin D boost, memory and teamwork improvement are just some of the advantages of this.

With this increasing trend of spending more working time outdoors coupled with the current COVID pandemic we have designed a unique and exciting outdoor conference experience to motivate and inspire your colleagues.

Our Eco Stretch Houses equipped with wooden flooring, canvas side walls and a weatherproof stretch tent covering offer the perfect space for seminars, workshops and meetings. Just looking for a rain and wind proof covering? Our big brother company, Nordic Stretch Tents specialise in beautiful stretch tent solutions. Participants can still enjoy the luxuries of an office environment with ergonomic desks and chairs but have the added benefit of having nature on their side!

Our intimate and cosy lounge pockets create the perfect outdoor setting for a lunch break picnic. Our comfy cushions, rugs and low tables encourage a relaxed atmosphere in which to enjoy a bite to eat in each others company whilst soaking in the sights, sounds and smells of the surrounding nature.

Add to the fun with an overnight stay in our canvas bell tents. Combining elegance and comfort, our canvas bell tents come equipped with everything from wooden frame beds and warm fluffy duvets to cosy lighting and a few special finishing touches.

The ultimate way to spoil your colleagues and boost team moral!