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Glamping in Sweden

Glamping in Sweden

Glamping has taken Sweden (as it has the rest of the world) by storm!

What is glamping in Sweden, you might ask?

Glamping, luxury camping, glam camping or boutique camping is the perfect combination of nature and luxury – exploration without sacrificing the comforts of home. Whether it be in a luxury tent, yurt, tree house or dome you are sure to be provided with all the modern amenities and cozy comforts from plush beds to full bathroom facilities and kitchen capabilities. 

Glamping in Sweden – alternative accommodation options

The pandemic has encouraged the vagabond, the traveller and the wanderer to rethink the way in which they see the world. “Staycations’ ‘ have inspired establishments to provide alternative and exciting accommodation options for guests with focus on fresh air and connecting with mother nature. This new glamping trend brings with it a new type of traveller to the outdoors namely, the “soft adventurer”. The soft adventurer embarks on outdoor travel experiences that are not overly demanding physically. Glamping provides the soft adventurer with the perfect balance of outdoor experiences and activities where he or she has the ability to connect with mother earth without having to compromise luxury and comfort. 

Glamping like upscale camping

Although the modern term, “glamping” is relatively new, the idea of upscale camping is certainly not. Glamping safaris have been around for many years and with the Nordic Pop-Ups and Nordic Stretch Tents co-owner, Jeandre having grown up in the country of South Africa she is no stranger to this concept. Her previous African safari experiences during her youth in fact inspired her and co-owner Daniel to bring the concept of pop-up glamping to Sweden. 


In keeping with the nomadic approach of luxury safari camp setups in the middle of the African wilderness, Jeandre and Daniel have set out to create unique glamping oases in remote Swedish locations chosen by the client. The term is coined, “pop-up glamping” which ultimately means that temporary glampsites are rigged in idyllic settings where the location depends entirely on the clients’ brief and type of event.

Different types of pop-up accommodation

Nordic Pop-Ups offers two types of pop-up accommodation options in the form of canvas bell tents and the latest addition  – the Eco Stretch House. The canvas bell tents equipped with comfy beds, linen, cosy lighting, rugs, a few extra touches and thoughtful trinkets are perfect accommodation alternatives for outdoor conferences, weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties and festivals. The canvas bell tent glamping villages tend to larger groups with the capacity to sleep up to four people per tent. The Eco Stretch House is designed and engineered as temporary accommodation for eco-sensitive environments. It’s the more opulent variant of Nordic Pop-Ups’ glamping tent range that includes wooden flooring, canvas walls and a stretch tent roof. The Eco Stretch House embodies the spirit of Africa with its look and feel and creates the feeling of being on a luxury safari whatever the setting. With only one of these available to rent, the Eco Stretch House offers perfect accommodation solutions for seasonal setups, special occasions and customer relation marketing events and projects. 

Glamping in Sweden – more than just an overnight stay

The beauty of the pop-up concept is that Nordic Pop-Ups’ versatile tents can be used for more than just overnighting in. They also provide a great space for day events and boutique open air experiences. Day glamping and glamping picnics have become a unique and popular way to meet and celebrate with friends and family in an outdoor environment.  The canvas bell tent interior is decorated with boho style carpets, cushions, poufs, Bali umbrellas, rattan furniture and low tables to provide a relaxed and cosy pop-up atmosphere that’s well suited for bachelorette parties, intimate weddings and birthday celebrations. The canvas bell tents are literally a blank canvas! Different themes and colours can be added to the “standard” neutral-toned setup depending on the client’s brief. Balloon art, floral arrangements, fabric draping, signage and candles are just some of the ways in which Nordic Pop-Ups have personalised their day glamping and picnic glamping installments in the past. The picnic part is also a really easy and stress-free way of keeping guests’ bellies full without the hassle of the host having to take care of all the cooking. Depending on the type of event one could order pizza, breakfast baskets, tapas platters, sushi or a selection of high tea cakes and sandwiches to be shared around the picnic table. The Eco Stretch House also works really well as a pop-up venue and creates a great interactive and eye-catching space for launch parties, brand activations and other outdoor events. We’ve seen the Eco Stretch House transform into a lounge, coffee bar and even a stage for past events!

Glamping – much more than alternative holiday accommodation

It has been most thrilling to watch the glamping movement form and evolve into something so much more than JUST alternative accommodation. Its purpose spans far beyond that of just providing comfort within canvas walls. Glamping, pop-up glamping and day glamping nurture connection – connection with nature and connection with others.


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